Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our "Stretch" Snack

I saw this idea in a Disney Family Fun magazine months ago and have been meaning to do it sooner, Handy Manny Stretch, the measuring tape, frozen yogurt treats!

 What you will need: craft sticks, single-serve cups of yogurt (pink is best), red fruit leather, chocolate chips, and marshmallows.

Assemble the eyes and make the tape measure on your craft sticks
Remove the foil cover from the yogurt.  Create Stretch's face with a small square of fruit leather and the eyes you previously made.  Insert the wooden spoon into the yogurt below the eyes.
 Insert the craft stick to make the tape measure.
 Freeze overnight or for several hours.  Cover the top of the yogurt with foil.  Remove from yogurt cups and serve!  Makes for a fun and yummy treat!

 D loved hers!
We ate them outside because they are a little messy :)

 C showing Dad after he ate an eye (yes, David is hanging Christmas lights at the same time)

 A enjoying her snack.

 B posing with Stretch.

Thank you Disney's Family Fun for the great idea.

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Jen said...

Such a yummy snack!