Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm a Saline Ambassador

You may have seen this image on the side of my blog recently.  What does it mean?  I am now a Saline Ambassador for Little Busy Bodies, Inc. - the makers of Saline Soothers and Boogie Wipes.  I get to use their amazing products and pass out samples to my family, friends, and generally anyone!  How awesome is that?  I will be having an upcoming party, look for a future post. Thank you Little Busy Bodies, Inc. for trusting me with your products and believing in me to be an Ambassador!


April Lou said...

Hello there! I found you via Little Shack on the Hill. I am now following!

Debbie aka "Sugar" said...

Hi Kathryn, thanks for stopping by my blog. Now following back, have a great day :)