Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm a Versatile Blogger

I received an award on another blog, thanks Neha

The rules for this award are:

1. Add a picture of the award in your post.
2. Thank the award giver.
3. Share 7 random facts about you.
4. Choose 15 other bloggers to pass the award to and let them know that they’ve been nominated.  (I am going to do this one a bit different)

Seven random facts huh?  Okay, here we go.

#1 I have never broken a bone.
#2 My favorite color is green.
#3 I am an introvert (this surprises some people).
#4 I love to shop (even for groceries).
#5 I am the baby of my family (I have an older sister and brother).
#6 I do not watch television (I love watching movies though).
#7 Entomology was my favorite class in college (crazy I know).

There you have it!  Randomness about me. 

Now for the 15 bloggers I'd like to give this award to, well I would like to do things a bit different.  If you are a blogger and you are reading this and you would like to participate - I choose you!  If you are a blogger and you do not want to participate, then you do not have to.  So everyone who wants to be included is and everyone who does not want to has freedom not to - I hope that makes sense.  If you do participate be sure and let me know so I can learn seven random facts about you!

1 comment:

Kajal said...

congratulations ! Many you get many many more awards. You deserve this and more.:) and yeah.. I too am the baby of the house and no bones broken yet :)))