Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Bun Run

Are you a list person?  You know, the type of person who has a list and gets a thrill when you get to put a line through an accomplishment on the list.  I am.  And guess what?  Here is part of my list of goals for the year.

Run a 5K without stopping

 Me right before the race

That's right, this morning I participated in The Schlotzsky's Bun Run 5K.  I am not going to win any awards for my time (just under 33 minutes) but I had a lot of fun and I did not stop. 

 Me right after the race

Relaxing with the kiddos!

Now that I have a race completed maybe I can work on my time :)


sammycx said...

Nice photos! :) gorgeous!

crayonmommy said...

AWESOME! What an accomplishment. Very proud of you!

sanna said...

Wow! 5K run! Congratulations! I'm your newest follower!Thanks for dropping my blog.

Snowies said...

hehe, I always make lists and then I never use them. One day I hope I will accomplish one complete list hehe.
As for you, good job on the 5k run! Now that is an accomplishment :) Thx for the follow, returning the favor. :)