Monday, July 17, 2017

Port Aransas Beach Vacation


We have been back from vacation for several weeks now but I feel as though I have still been at the beach a little bit.  Oh, I miss it so.

The water on my toes.

It was so great to see family and for the kids to spend time with their cousins, they love these trips so much.  And it was my first time to Port Aransas.  David is the only one of us who had been there before.  If you haven't been to a beach this summer, I really hope you get the opportunity to go soon.  I find it so relaxing!  Enjoy our family photos.

The front of a souvenir shop.

F in front of a mural in the same souvenir shop.

Our kids at the beach.

Beach photo

A ready to ride.

 On a wave...

B jumping

Mermaid B

B with her sand octopus.

C ready to swim

C and crazy Uncle Brian.

D jumping

D being goofy.

E at the beach.

E on a Boogie Board

F jumping over waves.

F riding a wave in.

Baby G raiding the Whataburger.

All tuckered out...

Snack time

The boys having fun.

 Beach free play


This company is awesome!

 Amazing food.

 Headed home in their souvenir shirts.

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