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Memoria Press Simply Classical Spelling Book One: Step-by-Step Words and Simply Classical Spelling Book Two: Step-by-Step Words Review

I love the classical approach of teaching and learning!  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review Simply Classical Spelling Book One: Step-by-Step Words and Simply Classical Spelling Book Two: Step-by-Step Words from Memoria Press.  I reviewed their First Form Latin back in March.  This series is specifically designed to give struggling writers (and those with Special Needs) an incremental, multi-sensory approach with an oral/aural emphasis.  Each week has targeted Word Study exercises to promote linguistic awareness, cognitive flexibility, and improved spelling skills.  Both books have 34 weeks of lessons with the last week in Book One and last two weeks in Book Two focusing on assessment.

Our Books

These books are geared for a skill level ~ 1st-3rd grade so I initially planned to use them with E (7 years old).  However, it turns out that E has a gift in spelling and is pretty advanced in language arts at the moment.  I had her take the Dictation Pre-Test for Book Two and she scored 100%.  The book recommends that students with 90-100% accuracy in spelling, sentence construction, and punctuation, proceed to a more challenging spelling program.  

E with our books

The blank Dictation Pre-Test and E taking the test.

E with her completed test.

As another bench mark, I asked E to spell all 90 common words and sight words used in Book Two and she could correctly spell them all.

I made flashcards for all the Words to Know in Book Two as recommended.

Here you can see the flashcards for lesson 1.

So, I switched gears and now I am using this program with F (5 years old) beginning with Book One.  I am not progressing as quickly through the program with him as I had originally planned with E as he is still young and is taking more time for the lessons, it is a bit advanced for him.  My current plan is to use this more thoroughly with him in the Fall and/or Spring as part of his Kindergarten curriculum as his readiness improves.  He is really enjoying the few lessons we have done so far.

F with his new spelling book

 Reading and spelling the words to me for Lesson 1 in Book One.

Reading the Words in Context sentence

Both of these books do not have a separate Teacher Guide.  The book itself is all you need.  Teacher Notes are located in the front of the books.  They both contain an appendix at the back of the book which includes the Scope & Sequence for the program.  This is a great weekly glance of what phonics/spelling pattern or rule is being covered as well as which common words or sight words are introduced.

Scope & Sequence from Book One

Two of my favorite things about these books are the Words in Context and Word Study Sections for each week.  The Words in Context section places the student's spelling words in the broader context of one or more sentences.  Students can also create their own sentences from spelling words.  The Word Study sections help students to learn and practice word analysis.  They may be asked to find a vowel in a word, make a new word by changing a consonant, find the singular/plural word, find the rhyming word, etc.  I like that this program is simple but also has great student benefit.  I also like the continuity from Book One to Book Two.  I'm super excited about incorporating this into F's curriculum next year and I plan on sequentially working through both books with him.

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