Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Creating a Masterpiece Review

My children love art, especially drawing!  We were so blessed to receive a one-year subscription to the online Drawing Program from Creating a Masterpiece.

In this program there are 4 levels (Beginning, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3) with ~ 30 projects that use three media:  pencil, colored pencil and charcoal.  A few of the art skills that are taught are shading, two point perspective, three point perspective, incorporating value and more.  This program was designed specifically by a master artist and teacher, Sharon Hofer, to empower students that love to draw!  Sharon shows students step-by-step how to plan, develop and design projects.  As students advance through the levels they learn more intricacies and techniques that they can implement in their drawings.  

Here are some of the lessons for Beginning Drawing, there are 8 projects.

After looking through the Beginning Drawing projects, A and B decided to start with the Hoot Owl.  They read the description, gathered the needed supplies (we had everything on hand including the 6b drawing pencils), and watched the short video clips that walked them through their drawings.  In this lesson, Sharon recommends using a small piece of drawing paper (quarter sheet of paper) because drawing small is much simpler than drawing large.  A 6b pencil is a darker pencil that is softer than a regular pencil so you get more of your values of lights and darks.  Quality supplies are essential in a fine arts program so it is important that you use the recommend supplies when completing your drawing projects.  

Hoot Owl Project Description

Hoot Owl Lesson Videos

Here you can see the basic progression of the owl.

Here they are with their completed owls.

A close up view of A's owl.

And a close up view of B's owl.

Drawling Level 1 lessons, there are 7 projects

A and B looked through the Drawing Level 1 projects and chose to create the Tuckered Out Turtle.  Again, they read the description, gathered the needed supplies, and watched the short video clips that walked them through their drawing.  Below you see the necessary art supplies for the Tuckered out Turtle drawing:  6b drawing pencil, white drawing paper and a refillable pencil eraser.  For your convenience, there is also a purchase supplies button for those that need to purchase the items needed.

Every project has an art supply list.

A and B with their completed Tuckered Out Turtles.

Close up views of their turtles.

This program is very hands off for me.  The girls can use it independently.  They really like Sharon and think she is a great art teacher.  Her videos are short clips and she does a great job explaining concepts.  I think their drawings are wonderful.

Drawing Level 2 lessons, there are 6 projects

Drawing Level 3 has 6 different projects.  A made The General's Horse - a project with colored pencils!  This project used many unusual colors so it has a touch of fantasy to it.  Sharon guided her through drawing the appropriate shapes and then how to use color to shade the horse so that it has a real appearance.  This was a great project to learn about using colored pencils.

The General's Horse

This project required Prismacolor colored pencils and vellum paper (along with drawing paper, 2b pencil, mechanical eraser and artist tape).

 A watching the lesson videos and working on her horse.

 A with her finished horse!

A close up view of A's horse.

Drawing Level 3 lessons, there are 8 projects

The girls haven't done any of the projects from Drawing Level 3 but I look forward to them getting there.  I actually plan on having more of the kids join them in these fun drawing creations.  Sharon's videos are really fantastic for a broad age range.  A and B really liked that this program was self paced and that they had the ability to pause the videos as they went along.  And I love that students really do create masterpieces!  I definitely recommend this program.

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MaryAnne said...

Wow, their artwork looks great! My children all love art too, and I think they would learn a lot this way.

Kathryn said...

MaryAnne they would! Her instruction is so fabulous.

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

Your daughters' drawings are great! With results like that I can see where that would motivate a student to keep going.

Kristen of A Mom's Quest to Teach said...

What beautiful art work! I love how their pictures turned out.