Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Making Raisins From Grapes

F with his grapes on September 6th.

F came home with green grapes on September 6th from one of his CoOp classes in hopes of turning them into raisins.  We had some red grapes in our fridge so we decided to use both and see what happened.  We jump started them for a few hours in our windowsill outside in hopes that they would turn faster.  We brought them inside after a few hours so bugs and birds would not eat them.

 Here are our green grapes.

And here are our red grapes.

Here are our grapes on September 10th.

And here they are on September 12th.

Some time went by and here are the grapes on September 25th.

 They are definitely raisins now, October 2nd.

F with his finished raisins!

So, in little less than a month we turned 12 grapes into raisins.  The green grapes definitely made for better raisins in our case.  I think the red grapes finished sooner.  This is a fun little experiment if you want to give it a go.  F really enjoyed it.

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