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Little House on the Prairie Study Guide and The Long Way to a New Land Study Guide from Progeny Press Review

We were given the opportunity to review Little House on the Prairie Study Guide (Grade 4-6) and The Long Way to a New Land Study Guide (Grades K-3) from Progeny Press.  We received digital guides which is great because they are reproducible and can be used with multiple students whether a large family or in a CoOp setting.  You can choose to print the whole guide at once, print single lessons or print pages as your student needs them.

Progeny Press History
Progeny Press is a family-owned and run business since 1992.  Michael and Rebecca Gilleland were looking for literature studies that helped teach classic cultural literature from a Christian perspective when they started homeschooling in 1991.  They ended up creating their own study guides to fill the gap and it was a hit with local Christian schools.  They have grown from 18 study guides available in 1993 to over 110 current study guides covering grades K-12.  I personally love their mission statement - "To teach our children to think clearly, to understand literature, and to rely on the scripture for truth and values, and enjoy themselves while they do it".

Here are the covers of our digital study guides.

These guides teach critical thinking, analysis, literary techniques, and studying the issues and themes in the books from a Biblical perspective.  I like that you can choose to use these as a full literature curriculum or you can use these to supplement other programs.  The Long Way to a New Land was already one of E's reading books this year so it has been great using this study guide with her as she reads through the book.  She actually read through the book very quickly as one of her reading assignments but this guide has helped me have her slow down and really dig into the literature as we press into more than just reading the words.

In the lessons within both of our study guides there is a synopsis of the book, background information, author information, pre-reading activities, analysis for each chapter, post-reading activities as well as additional analysis and resources.  There is vocabulary included along with the discussion question in the chapter analysis sections.  There are also Dig Deeper sections that include Bible verses and help show life application.

 We circled the pre-reading activities we chose to do.

E making some flags from the countries of some of her ancestors.

 Here are a few finished flags.

Here E is showing me the route taken by Carl Erik and his family from Sweden to America.

 Tracing the route on our globe.

 E enjoyed the chapter worksheets.

 Here is an example of how vocabulary is included into the chapter analysis sections.

The Dig Deeper sections are a chance to pull out your Bible and see how scripture can be a part of your daily life.

All the guides have full answer keys which I really appreciate.  There are also Pinterest boards for every guide with hand-on projects ideas for kinesthetic learners and those that want more.

We are about to jump into our next guide on Little House on the Prairie and I'm so excited because I absolutely love this book.  A cool feature for the guides grade 4 and beyond is that the e-book pdf has fillable fields so students can work directly from a computer.  I'm looking forward to D using this feature as she completes this guide.

Above you can see what I'm talking about for fillable fields.  Students just type the answers directly below the questions, love this feature!

I think these guides are a great resource and help provide a rich literature study at an extremely affordable price.  I also really love that they have a Christian perspective.  I highly recommend them.

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