Friday, January 3, 2020

Timberdoodle's Djeco Bugs Review

I have a fun Timberdoodle product to share with you today, Djeco Bugs!  This affordable set comes with 4 larger-sized scratch templates, 1 scratch tool perfectly sized for smaller hands and a full-color instructional booklet with pictures and fun design ideas.  It is geared for children ages 3-6 so I thought it would be fun to use with F (age 5) and G (age 3).  I did let E (age 8) complete one as well.

Here you can see the larger scratch tool and 4 templates: bee, ladybug, butterfly, and caterpillar.

For those that don't know, scratch art is a graphic technique.  There is a drawing on a scratch board that is covered with wax and ink, in this case it is a light blue color.  You use the scratch tool to scratch through the blue coating to uncover the colored layer beneath.  It makes drawings look like etchings when completed.  This set from Djeco has great designs of various insects for little ones and includes directions to embellish them with fun patterns.  There are even some hidden surprises!

 Here you see the bee template and the picture instructions.

 Likewise, here is the butterfly template with picture instructions.

 And the caterpillar with picture instructions.

And lastly, the ladybug with picture instructions.

F was the first one in our family to complete a template and he chose to do the caterpillar.  He really liked looking at the picture instructions as he worked through the design.  And he loves the scratch tool ("Mom, this pencil is the best!").

 F starting the caterpillar.

 F mostly followed the suggested instructions for this one.

 F with his completed caterpillar - he is so proud!

And here's a close-up.  He did such a great job.

G was up next and he chose to complete the butterfly.  It was fun to watch him complete his bug.  He used different grips as he completed his picture.

 G starting the butterfly.

 Uncovering the wings

 G with his completed butterfly.

And here's a close-up.  He did a great job as well.

F wanted to complete the bee next.  I really enjoyed watching him use different strategies.  I noticed that he liked to outline the areas that he would completely uncover using the tool.  Completing these pieces is really great for fine motor skills with young children.  He told me when he was finished that his hand was tired but he was able to finish in one sitting.  And he is begging me to get him more!

 Here you can see what I mean by outlining the area first.

 Making patterns on his bee.

 F with his completed bees.

And here's a close-up.

E really wanted to complete the last template after her brothers did the other three so she did the ladybug.  And even though she is 8, she enjoyed it just as much.

 E working on the ladybug face.

 E with her completed ladybug.

And here's a close-up.

Kids do not have to do everything exactly like the picture instructions but it has suggestions and great ideas for them to use and my kids loved that.  F (almost 6) liked to match his pictures with the suggestions and G (age 3) didn't care quite as much.  I love that this set helps kids work on fine motor skills, practice patterns, practice following direction ideas, and really has them pay attention to detail.  They are enthralled by the designs underneath and have a true pride in their finished pieces.  These affordable sets are great to have in your home or homeschool and make wonderful gift options.

Djeco Bugs are a great addition to Timberdoodle's Kindergarten Curriculum Kit.

Disclosure:  Huge shout out to Timberdoodle for selecting me as a Timberdoodle Blogger.  Timberdoodle sent my family 
Djeco Bugs in exchange for our honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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Laura Noelle said...

That's so fun to see how each child completed the cards a little differently! An excellent example of how every age and child is unique in how they approach activities.