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NatureGlo's eScience MathArt & Science Course Bundle Review

{Disclaimer:  I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.}

You all know that our family loves Science!  I was super pumped to receive a one year online access to NatureGlo's eScience MathArt & Science Course Bundle from NatureGlo's eScience to use in our homeschool this year.  We have access to 25 fantastic courses created by Gloria Brooks.
Above you can see a sample of our courses
I love seeing all the zoology options!

These aren't all the classes but I think you get the idea of the variety.

My older kids all completed the Invertebrates: Insects of the World class above so this is what our review will focus on.  On the right hand side you can see all the lessons in this course as well as our course progression bar.
The kids watched the video lessons on our TV in our schoolroom.  The lessons had several power point components that were very well done with fabulous slides and illustrations with Gloria teaching right alongside the slides.

We downloaded the study guide for the kids to complete during their lessons, that's what you see them filling out.

Above you can see the kids journal pages that they completed for an insect of their choice to study.

I pulled out some of my specimens from my Entomology class that I took in college.  Above you can see some of my dragonflies.

B checking out a dragonfly.  She was impressed by how much detail you can see in their wings.

As we worked through the lessons, our progress bar increased.  This is a great visual cue for how much of the course you have completed and how much awaits!

The Science Connection - Insect Interactive is neat.  The kids can click through the interactive activities to learn more about specific insects.

Here are a few of their choices.  Above you can see that we are clicking on Insect predators.

You can click on the boxes to get more information about the praying mantis.

It's very easy to mark the lessons as complete as your progress through the course.  You can see the button above.  You can easily see the previous lesson and next lesson as well.

This course also had an art connection and included a few crafts for The Blue Morpho Butterfly.

A close-up of the Butterfly that A completed.

Our course concluded with looking at the mathematical patterns and properties of a variety on insects.

Again, I pulled out some of my college collection for the kids to study.  Here are some of my beetles.

D looking at the various patterns and colors on the beetles.
You can see by our course progress bar on the top right that we have now completed this course.
After completing our course, we received an achievement!  You get digital rewards as you complete each course.

What did we think?  This course was very well organized and easy to work through.  The kids really enjoyed it and learned a lot about Insects!  This curriculum could work well for relaxed homeschool families as a standalone curriculum.  It's absolutely perfect for our family as a supplemental program!  I love that these courses are geared for a broad age range (10-18) and really encourage curiosity and learning!  The kids are learning about topics that interest them while also being exposed to math, art and science - I appreciate this!  So, what are we diving into next?

We plan on starting the Bubbleology course above, it looks neat!

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