Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pot Roast & Donuts

 What I put into Sylvia this morning.

Our dinner tonight!

And the kids and I tried out my donut maker today!  Donut maker?  Yes, my sister gave me a mini donut maker for Christmas.  It worked really well.  It bakes the donuts (they are not fried) so that is healthier right?

 My new gadget

 In goes the dough

 And out come the donuts

 I chose to roll them in powdered sugar

 A enjoying her donut

 And of course B

I do not have photos of C, D or I enjoying them but rest assured that we did!  Thanks Stephanie :)

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Melissa Haggerty said...

I have been seeing these BabyCakes everywhere! And everyone has good things to say.

I'm stopping by and returning the follow!