Friday, November 1, 2013

Hitstory Kids App Review

Have you heard of Hitstory Kids?  Hitstory Kids is a new educational app geared for toddlers. 

The app is narrated by Peekaboo Peet, a friendly and fun hedgehog, who takes children on  a journey through history.  This app is free and available for both Iphone and Ipad.  I downloaded it onto my Ipad so the kids would have a bigger screen.

It can be found in the App Store, this is what it looks like.

Once downloaded

Hitstory Kids guides toddlers in a fun and interactive way on a journey through iconic episodes of American History.  They are magically introduced to characters, objects and symbols linked to historical facts. 

 Here is D watching and interacting with Columbus Sails

This particular app was quite fun because we just had Columbus Day a few weeks ago and David had given the kids a lesson on Columbus.  D was excited to see the three ships.  The main focus is on Columbus and his three ship sailing across the ocean to discover America.  The songs, graphics, and interactive opportunities (swiping, tapping, etc.) keep your toddler engaged.  In this app, toddlers enjoy finding Peet in vessels, carts, beneath the sand, playing with monkeys and other unexpected situations throughout the journey. 

 Here D found Peet in a barrel

This is the only toddler app geared just for history and was created by a group of passionate historians with the purpose to teach toddlers about American history, culture and the values and beliefs that were important in the making of American society.

Enjoying the adventure

I love the heart behind this app.  I think there is so much to learn from history and I appreciate that this app helps introduce history to younger ages in a fun and exciting way.  D has thoroughly enjoyed it.  I look forward to future versions of historical events from Hitstory Kids!  I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

Disclosure: Thanks so much to Pollen-8 and Hitstory Kids for selecting me to participate in this campaign.  Compensation was provided.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


Alaina Bullock said...

This sounds like a wonderful app! It looks very engaging! My niece is just now old enough to start playing with apps, and as an Early Childhood Educator, I fully believe the importance of making learning fun.

Elisebet F said...

I REALLY like this! I think I'll download it before our plane trip to Minnesota this Thanksgiving. I want to get some new apps for my iPad to keep my son distracted, and educational is best, of course.

XDannellys Colon said...

It looks like a great app! It's hard to find a good app for kids. Thanks for sharing!

Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

What a great app! I am always looking for new teaching/learning ideas for my three year old. This made me realize how little we've touched on history . . . ;-)

Gwendolyn T said...

I heard about this somewhere but I'm glad to have seen it in more detail here. It looks like a great app! I hope it comes out for Android soon.