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BJU Press Focus on Fives Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum from BJU Press Homeschool Review

{Disclaimer:  I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.}

I have a Christian Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum to share with you today, BJU Press Focus on Fives from BJU Press Homeschool.

Our BJU Press Focus on Fives Curriculum

What's included in our curriculum?  Everything is the 4th edition and we received The Teacher's Edition Part 1-6 (six books), the Worktext, Phonics Practice, Phonics and Review Cards, Write Now! Handwriting, Phonics Flip Charts, Teaching Visuals Flip Chart and Reading Books.

What subjects does this curriculum cover?  Again this curriculum is Christian based and includes science, social studies, handwriting, phonics and reading.  It is geared to help students learn the necessary skills for 1st grade, thus it's a K program. 

 Biblical Worldview Themes

There are 4 key themes that are used throughout this course and they are God is great and God is good, God created me and all things, the Bible is God's Word and it is true, and I learn in order to serve God and others.

 A closer look at the six different Teacher Edition books

 A look at the contents of our Teacher Edition Part 1

A peek inside the front of our Part 1 - Goals section

 I absolutely love these lesson overviews.  If you know me I really appreciate the at a glance look at what we are learning and where we are going with the material.

 These overviews can be found for every week.  Our Teacher's Edition Part 1 covers through week 5.

The Worktext and Phonics Practice books both have specifically made spines to be open, making it super easy to remove pages.  I love this!

Above you can see how easy it is to remove a page.

 F working on a Phonics Practice worksheet from lesson 7.

 The back of the worksheet.

Finished making a tent.

F with his homemade fort/tent in the play area.

F working on a Phonics Practice worksheet from lesson 27.

The back of the worksheet.

Finished making a web.

 Taking a review

 Reading the sentences and marking the correct sentence for each picture.

A flip chart for how to properly hold your pencil.

Inside our Write Now! Handwriting.  Unlike the other books, these pages are all in black and white and most of them are designed to be cut in half.

F working on a handwriting sheet for lesson7.
Completed handwriting worksheet from lesson 10.  This one was a full page.  F wanted to color the i's yellow.

Our Reading Books, there are 34 in total.

Here you can see a great example of the Teacher Edition walking your through this reading lesson.

It helps you point out things prior to reading - cover, title, page numbers.  Helps you ask your child questions like What do you see?  Do you have a guess at what the surprise might be?  This book is mainly a picture book so it guides you with questions to ask with your child as you go through the book.  And then it gives you questions to ask after picture reading.

The Teacher Edition books really make using this program a breeze.  They show you how to use the material, provide all the lesson plans and help you see where your child is going and what they will be learning.
F was near the end of his Kindergarten year when we received this program and G is a bit too young for it.  So while I haven't used this entire curriculum with F,  I have gone through various topics and lessons to cover with him.  And it's been fun!  This was super easy to do with the great organization of this curriculum.  I am really looking forward to using it in its entirety with G in another year!  If you are looking for a complete, faith-based Kindergarten curriculum I would highly recommend this one.

There are videos for this course that will become available in July.  I'm super excited about this feature!  Check out a sample video of what's to come for yourself here, it looks awesome.

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