Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cakes For Dinner

Last week David came home telling me about a meatloaf cake that his coworkers had told him about.  It is basically a meatloaf with mashed potato frosting.  So today I decided to make it!  I also decided to make my famous rainbow cake for fun and comparison.  Of course I couldn't eat any (of the rainbow one that is), today is day 2 for me of no sugar.  We shall see how it goes.

So, basically you make a meatloaf how you prefer and put it into two round cake pans as seen above.

I put a layer of ketchup between the meat loafs.

And then frost with mashed potatoes

All frosted

All smooth and garnished with cherry tomatoes, not too bad huh? 

After we cut into it...

And for the rainbow cake!

You make it from the bottom up so you have to start with the purple, then blue, then green, etc.

The other batters, I love that this cake is so colorful

Being built

Frosted, this cake is always super tall

The cake cut into

I received my Lilla Rose flexi clips that I ordered from my party this weekend.  The girls and I have been having so much fun trying them out.

 D with her tails up

A and B are really liking the half up.

And today we had some fun doing busy bags from the last swap I was a part of.  The kids worked on the ice cream scoops, the clothesline, the felt building, and shape sorting/matching.

 The clothesline

 D proud of her felt picture

 C and B working happily

All in all today was a very good day.  Hope yours was too :)


Miss Sarah said...

Those cakes look so fun. I love how the rainbow one turns out. Maybe I'll have to make one of those for church lunch sometime. The kids would love it. :)

I'm so glad you're having fun with the flexi clips! I loved getting to see the girls wearing theirs! :)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Neha said...

The cake looks great and must be real tasty too. Love those new hairstyles. Wish I could send you some flexi-clips from India. Here we call them clutchers and they are available in all sizes, colors and designs. The girls will surely love them!

Steph said...

My boys would love those cakes! Cute ideas!

Shanda said...

Aw...how sweet. I had a little girl and she grew up! Is 17 now but I remember when she was that age. Enjoy it. they grow up before you know it.

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bblanto4 said...

I have to try that meatloaf cake and the rainbow cake what great ideas that look super yummy@

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buy and sell said...

very clever mom! your kids are enjoying your company i guess.
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