Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun at Old Navy

Yeah, Old Navy!

I am a member of Crowdtap, an online community that allows you to sample products and earn cool rewards for interacting with top brands.  Interested in signing up, just go here.  I was selected to participate in the Old Navy dress sampling.  What does that mean?  It means that a friend and I were able to go to Old Navy and each pick out a dress for free!  How cool is that??

 Our fun coupons...

I took a few pairs of my favorite shoes to try on with the dresses!

I love Old Navy and I was super impressed with their selection of dresses.  They have short dresses, medium dresses and the longer maxi dresses.  They also have solid colors, florals and patterns, stripes and much more.  I felt like they had a dress for everyone no matter what your taste, style or body type.

One row of shorter style dresses!

And some of the maxi dresses!

 My friend and her dresses.

 Me and my selections...

We also tried on several of their leggings, loved them!  These would be a must for me with a shorter style dress.

 Great color

This is a great example of an almost perfect but not quite.  I loved this color and the style of the top of this dress but the length and cut in the middle didn't work for my body type.  If only this was just a top it would be super cute on me!

 I really liked this one on my friend.  The color is great and the detail on the top is subtle yet cute.

 My friend felt like a dancer in this dress.  

 Another great example of an almost great.  This dress looked great on the top but again the length and cut in the middle just didn't look right on my friend.

 All the dresses I tried on, 16 to be exact :)

The winners!  Our new dresses.  

I picked the Women's Chiffon Tie-Front Maxi Dress in Anjou Pear.  What do you think?

A big thanks to both Crowdtap and Old Navy for this sampling opportunity!  And a big thanks to Alicia and Chad who were awesome at the Old Navy we visited!  I was blessed to receive an Old Navy dress of my choice.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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