Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Five Finger Tees Review

Have you heard of Five Finger Tees?  They have numerous shirts available in differing styles, sizes and colors.  They have funny shirts, movie shirts, political shirts, music shirts and so much more!

I was blessed to receive this Long Neck giraffe shirt for review.

There were lots of color options to choose from (Gold, Gray, Red, White, Royal, Purple, Kelly, Carolina, Orange and Pink) but I went with traditional gold being a giraffe and all.

 D and I feeding the deer at our local zoo.

 I love my new giraffe shirt.  It was really fun to wear this on our recent zoo outing.  I just wish our local zoo had giraffes, that would have been cool.

I really liked the material of this shirt.  It wasn't so thin you could see though it and it wasn't too thick, it was very breathable.  In this picture it was actually cold outside so I layered it on top of a longer shirt.  I like that I can wear it by itself or as a layer.  And my shirt held up well in the wash, another factor that is important to me!  Thanks FiveFingerTees!


Kathy M said...

This is a very cute shirt!

bailey said...

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