Monday, March 5, 2012

The Austin Zoo

David and I took the kids to the Austin Zoo.  We had so much fun seeing the animals, feeding the ones that we could, and riding on the train.  Every animal at the Austin Zoo has been rescued so it is not your typical zoo.  The kids loved that there were several peacocks wandering around that they could pet.

 A real "hands on" experience

 A and a random goat

 B having a turn

A, B, C, and D all had a bag of food to feed the animals.
 E and Daddy

 D loved the deer

 And C had quite a conversation with this goose


 We saw lots of turtles!

 This lion was ready for lunch.



 The lemurs are my favorite :)

 And the train...

All aboard!

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Kathy M said...

Nice pictures, makes me wish I was there!