Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Science Week

Well, most everyone is celebrating Spring Break this week.  We are not doing a full load of school but this week we are doing things a bit differently.  We are specifically focusing on Science and the kids and I are really enjoying it!  Here are a few of our experiments.

 We started growing an Amaryllis bulb in water

 Everyone is excited about this one...

 And we watched blue water move up a stalk of celery

 Before blue water

 Put it in the sun for 4 hours

Now, it is blue on top.  The kids loved this.

 We made a bottle garden

 C was in charge of the rock layer.

 A added the activated charcoal and the ivy.

 B was in charge of the damp soil layer.

 We will check on it in a few weeks and see how much it has grown.  We cannot wait to see how it changes!

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