Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cravings: Desiring God in the Midst of Motherhood Review & Blog Tour

About Cravings:
Cravings is a collection of card-size devotionals based on the Psalms. They are written to help mothers develop their relationship with God in the midst of motherhood.

Each card contains a scripture for the day, a “thoughtlet,” and an action idea. As moms crave the sweet morsels from God’s Word, they can draw a card from a delectable Cravings holder—a pink cupcake!—that also displays the daily card for hands-free viewing. Versatile enough to fit with any feminine décor in a dining nook, a prayer closet, a kitchen--wherever you‘d want Scripture at your fingertips. If you find you need Cravings around the home, just one may not be enough!

Cravings can be a mom’s daily devotional, a supplement to her regular quiet time, or even doubled up during the day. The set of 40 cards offers over a month’s worth of Cravings in whatever way serves the spiritual needs of individual moms.

My Cravings is right above my bed
My bedroom is where I do the bulk of my reading.

My Thoughts:
I love my Cravings devotional!  I really like the idea of helping, encouraging, and equipping mothers to connect with God.  Who doesn't need the Lord?  It is true that motherhood can be very busy and sometimes things are left forgotten or there just doesn't seem to be enough time for it.  I have been guilty of this with my relationship with the Lord.  You know what though, we all have 24 hours in a day.  It is up to you and me how we choose to spend it.  If I do not have enough time in my day for things that I hold dear or deem a priority I am probably making some poor choices - at least this is what I am finding.
I love the cute cupcake holder design.  I have a funny story here.  After I first set-up my Cravings Devotional cupcake on my bed, D came into my room right away.  She asked me about my new cupcake and if she could have a bite.  She went right up to it and tried to lick the frosting - it was too cute :)

 D determining that my devotional is not edible - for those wondering.

I really like the topics discussed some of which include love, anger, fear, joy, weakness, play, health, gossip,  perspective and so much more!  I also really like that these cards can aid you where you are at.  You can take a thoughtlet and meditate on it that day or even a week.  I love the call to action ideas that take it one step further, don't just talk about it or think it but do it!  I have not finished my devotional yet but it has been a pleasure to incorporate into my life!

About the author:
Carey Bailey is a recovering perfectionist, wife, proud mama and Family Life director for her church in Surprise, Ariz. On the side she loves party planning, crafting, and pursuing her dream of writing. She has a degree in religion from Westminster College and writes at her blog at www.carebaileyonline.com. 

Link to buy: http://ow.ly/arFQM

Blog Tour:
Check out the rest of this Blog Tour here.

Win a Minute-for-Mom gift pack from Carey Bailey! "When I became a mom I lost my God time," says Carey Bailey. "I couldn't figure out how to fit it in, since everything but that time was a priority. So I made note cards that I set around my house with scriptures written on them. Even when my arms were too full of babies, laundry, and diapers to pick up a Bible, I could easily read God's words of encouragement that I was starving for"

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Disclosure:  I was blessed to receive my own Cravings: Desiring God in the Midst of Motherhood for review.  All opinions expressed are 100% mine.


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