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Cross Seven Ventures - Homeschool Musical Memory Tool from Cross Seven Review

Disclosure:  I received this complimentary product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW.

Cross Seven

We have been beyond blessed to receive a one-year online subscription from Cross Seven for our whole family to Cross Seven Ventures - Homeschool Musical Memory Tool!

What is Cross Seven?  Cross Seven's memory work is a wonderful tool or resource to establish a broad-based level of understanding for students in grades K-6 in various subjects including scripture, timeline, history, science, math, English grammar, Latin and geography.  This is a 4-year cyclical program that uses both memory and music to help lay a solid foundation of key information that can be built upon in later years of learning.  The memory work is a derivative or byproduct of Claritas Publishing.  All the kids can login to our one family account and then login to their student profile.

You said this is a 4-year program, what do each of the 4 cycles cover?  Each cycle includes 28 weeks of memory work.  Cycle 1 will take students from Creation through the Fall of Rome.  Science focuses on biological concepts.  Geography focuses on continents & oceans, Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Europe, Egypt, the Exodus, India, China, Greece, Wonders of Ancient World, Palestine during Christ, etc.  Math focuses on skip counting 1-12, 15, 25, squares, cubes, order of operations, prime numbers, roman numerals, conversions, etc.  English Grammar focuses on parts of speech, nouns & pronouns, adjectives and articles, verbs and adverbs, conjunctions, interjections, prepositions and object of the preposition, antecedents, etc.  Latin focuses on counting, factors of verbs/nouns, case order, genitive endings and noun declensions.  Cycle 2 will take students from the Dark Ages through Early Explorers.  Science focuses on Astronomy and Earth Science concepts.  Geography focuses on continents & oceans, seas of the world, India, Asia & Pacific, Australia & New Zealand, Africa and Highest Peaks.  Math is similar to the first cycle with skip counting 1-12, 15, 25, squares, cubes, order of operations, prime numbers, roman numerals, conversions but also has percents, Pythagorean theorem, absolute value, place value, ration and averages.  Latin focuses on 1st and 2nd conjugations, Apostle's Creed and 3rd declension nouns.  Cycle 3 will take students from The Dutch Revolt through the California Gold Rush.  Science focuses on Chemistry.  Geography focuses on Canadian Provinces, territories, cities and features, North American features and U.S. Capitals.  Again math is similar but also has area of polygons and circles, π, perimeter, types of triangles and polygons, long division, etc.  Latin focuses on counting, factors of verbs and nouns, case order, genitive endings, noun declensions, table Blessing, Dona Nobis Pacem, etc.  And Cycle 4 will take students from the Victoria Era through September 11, 2001.  Science focuses on Physics.  Geography focuses on continents and oceans, modern Europe, WW2, European features and mountains, South America and Central America.  Again math is similar but also has math laws, prefixes for metric, absolute value, place value names, averages, etc.  Latin focuses on 1st and 2nd conjugations, Apostle's Creed and 3rd declension nouns.

Beginning of the opening section

If you use this program traditionally, you can start each class in the opening section by listening to the hymn, followed by a prayer and then the pledges - pledges to the American flag, the Christian flag, the Bible and the Lord's Prayer.  Afterwards, you move onto Scripture and Timeline.  This completes the opening and students can then move onto the other subjects.

 Watching the video for Psalm 23.
The Scriptures and videos is one on my favorite sections.  This is such a great tool for our family and a fabulous way to learn scripture together.

We have used Cross Seven on our desktop and iPad.  You can also use streaming channel Apps like AppleTV, Roku, or FireTV so your whole family can easily see the content.
My Parent Dashboard after adding a few of the kids.
I appreciate having a Parent Dashboard that allows me to track each child's memory work progress as they work through all the interactive quizzes.  The quizzes are short and simple and designed to help the students understand and retain the content quickly in a fun way.  Students can earn badges and certificates along the way.
Cycle 1 Science

Since Cycle 1 Science focuses on biological concepts and B has almost completed high school Biology this year, I thought it would be fun for her to peruse through all the material and see if she knew all the concepts.  It's a fun way to see familiar concepts presented in a new way.

Cycle 4 Science

Likewise for A since she has almost completed high school Physics, I had her do the same thing for Cycle 4 Science as it focuses on Physics.
Some of the Scripture hand motions

The Scripture, History, Science and Timeline sections also have hand motions for students to learn.  This is just another fun element.

E has slowly been working through Cycle 1 on her own and is enjoying it.  Cross Seven is not a parent intensive program.  I like that the weekly videos and material are conveniently located in our account.  You can easily find the cycle, subject and week that you are learning.  My kids really like learning material to music - it helps make it fun and is an enjoyable way to learn.  In this program students can read, listen and sing their way through the material.  This multi-sensory approach helps solidify what they are learning.

Trying to figure out if Cross Seven is a good fit for your family?  There is a free 1 day trial that you can take advantage of.  Cross Seven is available in monthly and yearly subscriptions.

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