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Everybody, Always for Kids by Bob Goff and Lindsey Goff Viducich from Tommy Nelson Publishing Review

Disclosure:  I received this complimentary product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW.

Thomas Nelson Publishing 
We were so blessed to receive the book Everybody, Always for Kids by Bob Goff and Lindsey Goff Viducich from Tommy Nelson Publishing for review.

Our book includes 40 stories specifically written for children ages 6-10.  These stories challenge kids to see how small acts of love can have a lasting impact on ourselves, others and our world.  I love the size and quality of our book.  It's a hardcover that fits nicely in your hands and has proven to be durable.

The kids appreciate all the colorful illustrations by Diane Le Feyer sprinkled throughout the book - sometimes they are a full page, half a page, or a quarter of a page.

We also received a PDF with a five-day lesson plan for discussions and activities to help put love into action :).

I am not going to go through all 40 short stories incorporated in our book but I do want to highlight a few so that you get a feel for this book and corresponding lessons and activities.

The second story in the book is about Cake Pops.  It's truly about learning to love those that are not necessarily nice to you.

The kids enjoyed making our own “cake pops” and thinking about ways that we can bless others, especially those that aren’t the kindest to us.

The third story in our book had us reaching for F's walkie-talkies.
It was all about a special neighbor named Carol who became family and shows us how loving others can help chase fear away in different circumstances.

We discovered in the thirtieth story that the kids had never tried salt water taffy, something we quickly had to remediate 😉.
The kids were delighted to see all the rainbow colors and to discover that it absolutely floats!
The story encourages us to think of ways to love those around us - giving smiles and hellos to our neighbors, leaving encouraging notes on their doors, thank-you notes to those who serve in our community, and so on.

I'm so thankful to have this book.  It has been a great resource.  I love that Bob shares real-life experiences to help kids find practical ways to love people and truly change our world!  We definitely recommend it.

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