Tuesday, May 25, 2021

One More Story Review

Disclosure:  I received this complimentary product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW.

One More Story

We were blessed to receive a one-year subscription to One More Story for our homeschool!  This online book library can be accessed from any country in the world on both computers and mobile devices using any web browser but Chrome and Safari are optimal (you will need Internet access).
Getting ready to read Owl Babies

G has been using One More Story the most in our family and he prefers to use it on our iPad.  He loves looking at books and listening to read alouds so this is perfect for him as he can choose his own stories!

Our One More Story Library
There are currently 87 pictures books to choose from arranged on different colored shelves - red, blue, orange, green and yellow.
You can scroll down to get to the other bookcases or you can use the coordinating colored tabs on the left.

G uses One More Story the most on our iPad as I mentioned above.  After a quick lesson with me and listening to Benjamin D. Bookworm (Bendy) explain the site, G hasn't had any trouble and it's been easy for him to navigate the books on his own.  Bendy is there in the upper left hand corner if G needs reminding.

An original song is included with each book.  These songs are composed by Robby Merkin (previous music director for Sesame Street) and are delightful.
G reading Mouse Paint
Reading Sidney Can't Swim

 Story options
Children can also choose to read the book themselves in the I Can Read mode.  They won't get the narration and music in this mode but it's nice to have this option too!  Another cool feature is the vocabulary button.

 The vocabulary for The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

You can select a word and it will tell you the definition and read you a sentence from the book with the word.

 words are highlighted as they are read aloud
I appreciate that this has the audio and visual components.  Children can listen to the book right along with the images in the Read Along mode.  I love how the words are highlighted in red as they are being read aloud.  G loves following along.

I also value the plethora of narrators included!  And they have talent!  If you have ever listened to an audiobook, a narrator can really make or break a story.  One More Story has been so great for G, he basically has his own personal online library.  If you have a young child or emerging reader we highly recommend One More Story!

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Carl Teitelbaum said...

Thank you so much for your thoughtful review of One More Story. Our Music Director, Robby Merkin, has created sound tracks that make each book come alive. He does extensive research so that the music becomes part of each book. An example is WHERE THE WINDS MEET. Robby discovered Mongolian throat singing which really creates an authentic background for the story. So glad your child is enjoying our library. Happy Reading!